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A copy of the riders final instructions as included in your entry pack

Dragon Ride 2012 riders final instructions 5.5.12.pdf


December 7th 2011.
Premier package and loyalty entries available

December 14th (09.00) 2011.
Entries open for 2012 Dragon Ride (online only).

Friday 27th April 2012
Entries Close (if not already full by this date). All rider transfers to reach us by this date. (International entries will be accepted up to the weekend of the event).

Monday 7th May - Wednesday 18th May
Riders start packs and timing chips will be posted out to each entrant.

Sat 9th June
10.30 -18.00 Expo area and riders information desk opening times.

Sun 10th June

Wiggle Dragon Ride 2012

All times are approximate

Mon 11th June
12.00 Post provisional event results.

Wed 13th June
12.00 Post final event results.

Wed 14th December
09.00 Entries open for 2013 event (date, route & venue to be advised).

Event Start Procedure

In order to reduce waiting times as much as possible riders will depart in groups of 125 approximately 2 minutes after the preceding group has departed.

The event will start at 07.30

Gran Fondo riders will depart first between 07.30 and 08.55 in number sequence.

Medio Fondo riders will depart from 09.00 to 09.29 in number sequence.

Corto riders will depart from 09.30.

A certain amount of flexibility will be allowed for friends to ride together.

Please note that it is inevitable that some waiting time will occur. The organisers will endeavour to minimise this as much as possible.

All times and quantities are approximate.

Feed Station Information

There will be two feed stations on the Medio Fondo Route and three on the Gran Fondo route, (none on the Corto route).

The feed stations will be manned by local Rotary Club members.

Provisions at the feed stations will be:
• Water from mobile bowsers (water will contain chlorine for riders safety).
• Energy Drink
• Bananas
• Cakes
• Savoury Food (other than the first feed station).


Please note

We will not be supplying and items such as energy bars or gels in wrappers that would cause a litter issue on the route of the event.

Supplies cannot be guaranteed at all times and items are subject to availability.
Individual dietary needs cannot be met. If you require specific dietary items please provide this yourself.

Riders are reminded that the feed stations should be regarded as back up and that riders should be as self-sufficient as possible. Please only take what you need and be mindful of those who follow behind whose need made be greater than yours.

Details correct as of 30th May 2012